cmdFX [2018]


This is my 2018 winter break project which was inspired by action movie CGI hacking scenes. Actual computer hacking doesn't look like it does in the movies, but why can't it?

cmdFX aims to put the user into those hacking scenes without the malicious intent. Instead, it provides the user with an environment designed to be exaggerated, animated and cool: just as Hollywood intended.

The ultimate goal of cmdFX was to visually mimic the tool of a typical Hollywood hacker with the bonus of having the useful functionality of a real computer terminal too.


This project launches like any other typical desktop command terminal; a user is prompted for text input before any event can occur. Although the project was designed to have real features such as a chat room and SSH implementations, the only features programmed thus far were:

    • simulated digital rain effect from the popular movie The Matrix

    • user login loading animation

    • real-time hardware resource monitor

    • faux animation of funds being transferred into user's account

    • help manual for each available command input


There is no repository or public release available for this project.

Unfortunately, the prototype was developed on an older faulty system that was replaced around the time of development.


  • Java for program logic

  • JavaFX for graphical user interface and animations