p5.js Browser Game [2019]


This game was my final project for ART 151.

The project is made entirely using p5.js's 3D WebGL rendering system.

The vision was to create an interactive game that anyone could play casually for fun.


The p5.js library is not intended for creating 3D games but this was my challenge to do just that. The game only supports one level that begins as soon as the program is loaded.

The game has a few features worth noting:

    • Mouse interactivity controls movement based on mouse position on screen

    • Background intensity and colors change based on music's current amplitude

    • Technically supports any audio media as background song, as level is generated based on music's amplitude

    • Neon color palette to match the music track and font selection

    • Animated UI text for excitement


The source code can be viewed via the p5.js Editor.

Additionally, the game can be played through a browser via this p5.js presentation link.

* Only developed and tested on Google Chrome.* Screen resolution may affect the game's UI elements to not appear or appear incorrectly. Recommended resolution is 1920 x 1080.

!!! Epilepsy Warning: flashing lights when playing game !!!


    • Move mouse right or left to move right or left, respectively

    • Keep mouse on center of screen to maintain position

    • Score constantly increases as time goes on, but hitting boxes increases score

      • Smaller boxes are worth more points because they are harder to hit

    • Refresh the page to play again