Speed Typer [2019]


Speed Typer was my group's final project for CS 342.

The final project was a free choice and we decided to create a networked four-player typing game. The objective was to, as the name implies, be the fastest typist.

The game supports up to four players per game, but numerous game sessions can be occurring simultaneously.

The animated images on the left are from an earlier developer build.


My contributions to this project were largely stylistic in terms of how the game should look and feel, in addition to determining what menus or features would be required. As a result, I was the member responsible for coding the front-end features such as:

    • Main Menu

        • Animated game title

        • Connecting as a new user requires valid username, IP, and server port

    • Lobby List

        • Displays all active lobbies with relevant status information such as player count

        • Users can hover over a lobby to see joined players

        • Full lobbies cannot be joined

        • Ability to create a new lobby

    • Game Screen

        • Live scoreboard on left side where players in first, second, and third have names respectively highlighted in gold, silver, and bronze

        • As a user types a word, the word highlights in red when there is a typo and yellow otherwise

Full credit goes to my teammates for developing the game logic and networking code, with a little bit of effort on my end to help integrate the front and back end.


The source code can be viewed on GitHub.


  • Java for game, threading, and networking logic

  • JavaFX for graphical user interface