Arduino Game System [2018]


This design was my final project for ART 150.

The project utilizes an Arduino Uno for the hardware part of the game system while the games are run on Processing.

The idea was to make a simple controller that interacts with custom software that acts as a mini arcade.

View a demo on YouTube.


The project features an Arduino Uno housed in a custom 3D printed shell (designed in SketchUp). Attached to it is also a joystick, LCD, and two push buttons for some functionality. The controller must be connected via USB to the computer running Processing in order to both receive power and transfer data.

The playable software was written in Processing and currently contains four stages:

    • Main menu to access remaining stages

    • Calibration stage to check if inputs are correctly being received

    • Simplified Blackjack game where the computer plays the dealer

    • Gravity-based 2D platformer written by Christopher TE

The controller hardware, firmware, and arcade was designed by me but as mentioned above, the second game was found on OpenProcessing to use as a proof of concept for the arcade system.


The source code can be viewed on GitHub.